Thematic and Try-a-skill Booth

Smart Services

Technologies have been widely adopted to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of business operations and services, as well as for training purposes. Equipping students with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the manpower demand of various industries, relevant trainings have to be well incorporated into the curricula of VPET training programmes. Business Discipline has developed an E-commerce platform “HKVTC Shop” to provide comprehensive trainings to students in operating an e-commerce platform. Moreover, Virtual Reality (VR) is a very useful tool which allows participants to gain experience in handling those issues that are dangerous or may not be easily accessed.

1. E-commerce Platform HKVTC Shop

HKVTC Shop is an E-commerce platform for commercialising the items designed and produced by VTC students and alumni, and a series of VTC branded products for which VTC students are involved in design and production process. Moreover, the platform offers an authentic training environment to provide relevant practical training opportunities for VTC students studying at different specialisms. For example, students of Business Discipline will be trained in various areas including e-commerce platform operations, inventory and logistics management, marketing and promotion, etc.

2. Air Cargo VR Training Facility

It is a Virtual Reality (VR) teaching and training facility, which allows students to learn and practise different air cargo operations under an interactive artificial digital environment. The VR facility provides trainings in air cargo handling procedures, pallet building, and special goods handling procedures, for example, temperature control and dangerous goods.

Culture Future

Design is the manifestation of Culture. Not only rooting their design in the traditional culture, the new generation of designers also push the boundary of design and establish themselves as the key power of the future of the culture. “Culture Future” showcases projects on design, art and technology from young designers. Let us glimpse the culture’s future!

1. Virtual Idol & Extended Reality – Virtual Production

Virtual Idol and virtual production are key projects from HKDI’s Digital Media. While virtual idol showcases range of technologies including real-time motion capture, facial detection, Unreal game engine, etc., Virtual production, on the other hand, applies extended reality (XR) technology, integrating LED wall image with reality, reshaping contemporary visual culture. HKDI is pioneer in both of these two aspects.

2. Showcase of Digital Media and Communication Design graduate works

Selected works from Digital Media and Communication Design 2021-22 graduates will be showed in both outside and inside of the LED wall installation, showcasing the creativity of HKDI graduates.

3. Showcase of Fashion and Image Design graduate works

Selected creation from Fashion and Image Design 2021-22 graduates will be displayed in a large presentation platform, showcasing the possibilities of future fashion.

4. Advanced Design Studio: Dragon Boat Festival - Ritual, Community and Environment

This section presents works from students of Architecture, Interior and Product Design, as well as Communication Design. In collaboration with Stanley Dragon Boat Association, they reapproach the festival via purposely built centre, interior decoration project, brand building and graphic design. They learn from the traditional ritual and culture and able to deliver a new experience of the Festival. A new festive image, including the event logo and mascot for communication will also be showcased, visitors will witness how a new brand story unfolds.

5. Advanced Design Studio: Memphis and the Post-Contemporary Object

Collaborating with the Italian Cultural Institute in Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Trade Association, Memphis Group and Novalis Art Design, graduates from HKDI’s Architecture, Interior and Product Design department have created this project. Working in five groups, the students designed a series of furniture that reflects the bold and colourful style of Memphis Group in 1980s Italy while also staying in line with the new aesthetic sensibilities native to today’s digital networks.


Design Skill Experience

This section includes jewellery making, visual merchandising and fun motion photograph creation, it invites visitors to learn the skill on site, it also gives them an opportunity to experience design students’ school life.

1. Jewellery Creative Making

Visitors can obtain hands-on experience to handmade jewellery in various skills/ techniques in jewellery-smithing (including but not limited to forming, hammering, etc.), jewellery design and mixed materials creation.

2. Fashion Corner - VM your store

Visual merchandising a store, dressing up a mannequin and learning the artistic perspective from a VM point of view. A card game will be offered to introduce the role of a visual merchandiser within the Fashion industry. In addition, students will experience visual merchandising of a retail space physically in our Try-a-skill Booth.

3. Tag to Goal

Visitors will participate in fun motion photograph creation by a set of professional multi-angle-cameras. Animated photography can be furnished with fun icons and graphics for social media publishing and/or printing. Participants will also try multi-angle-camera photo shooting, graphic design, digital marketing and printing.

Innovation and Metaverse

The rapid development of innovative technologies presents a huge impact, from smart living technologies in daily life to the digital reality - Metaverse. Combining emerging technologies such as 5G, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR), Metaverse is not only a conceptual entertainment but with the real-world scenario setting visual and other sensory input to enhance the user experience.

The “new normal” will accelerate the application of innovative technologies in many areas, such as the economy, education and entertainment.

IT Shapes the Future. Be an IT Professional.


Information Technology Discipline

Through these two try-a-skill activities, we hope the participants can experience the emerging technologies, including the immersive 4D gaming technology and programming.

1. META 4D Dome Robot

This game is designed for the immersive LED dome display, with equipment, like a motion platform, fans, and a speaker set, to give players an immersive 4D-gaming experience. Players can play the role of the pilot to control the armor in the cockpit and experience the armor during the game, for activities such as walking and firing. Players need to eliminate the artificial intelligence army to protect the human.

2. i-Formula

Participants can experience on-site control of a remote-controlled sports car through a network and compete with other artificial intelligence racing cars (Jetracer). Participants can also update the artificial intelligence racing car in the venue through simple programming at the workshop at the designated schedule, and interact with other participants onsite through the simulation platform.

Sustainable Future and Green Technology

To echo THEi’s strong and steadfast commitment to sustainability and greening under the institutional “Sustainability@THEi” initiative, THEi has actively incorporated elements of sustainability and greening in its programme development and delivery, teaching and learning, student development, applied research, business enterprise development, industry collaboration, global outreach, community engagement and campus operations.

Please come and visit us at our booth which will showcase selected impactful and signature research, student and alumni projects, featuring THEi’s uniqueness and outstanding facets in the realms of sustainability, greening and industry integration.

1. We are @ THEi高科院

This zone is dedicated to showcase the uniqueness of THEi, particularly its next-generation smart Chai Wan campus that has won numerous awards for its green and sustainable architecture and distinctive design features; the niche programmes offered by THEi for “Workforce Futures in Greening and Sustainability”, including THEi’s first Applied Degree programme “Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Horticulture, Arboriculture and Landscape Management”. The key events to celebrate THEi’s 10th Anniversary will also be highlighted.

2. THEi Research Centres on Green Technology and Sustainability

With our students in mind, THEi supports research activities which inform teaching to equip graduates with cutting-edge knowledge to meet the challenges of the workplace. With our staff in mind, THEi encourages creativity, diversity, innovation and collaboration in research. With our community in mind, THEi strives to produce research outputs which enhance industry development and people’s lives.

This zone will showcase a wide range of research projects in relation to sustainability and green technology, which provided a favourable environment allowing interaction and collaboration among academia, industry and the research sector.

3. Award-winning Student Research Projects

THEi’s degree programmes comprise applied research and collaborative projects with local industries and international partners, which further enriches the learning and teaching activities. With great emphasis and focus on work-integrated learning, work-based learning and project-based learning, THEi students are strongly encouraged and are provided plenty of opportunities to participate and involve in impactful research projects.

4. Innov8 Start-ups

Over the years, the Innov8 Enterprise Start-up Centre of THEi has nurtured a number of young talented teams of THEi students and graduates with an entrepreneurial mindset under its Innov8 Enterprise Start-up Programme, which is a pre-incubation programme providing seed capital, free office space, workshop facilities, coaching and mentorship by industry partners with in-depth experience in their areas of, among other benefits, supporting THEi’s students and graduates to develop their business. In this zone, selected sustainability start-up teams are profiled.

5. In-booth Workshop / Talks

All are welcome to visit this zone in THEi’s booth to participate in various workshops and networking activities relating to Sustainable Future and Green Technology. Stay tuned!

New Era for HealthTech: An Interdisciplinary Perspective

Technology plays a major role in all walks of life, especially in the healthcare industry. It can facilitate the transformation of traditional healthcare services into smart health services and introduce new technology that can be applied to enhance healthcare services.

Department of Health and Life Sciences takes a leading role in fostering HealthTech of VTC and established HealthTech Centre (HTC) in 2017. As HTC is the Central hub of health-related industry and technology. HTC aims to bridge our students from a distinct background with the health-related industry to promote multi-disciplinary collaborations projects.

In this booth, staff and students will showcase their innovative HealthTech projects that improve the quality of health-related services. This also enables us to showcase the success of cross-disciplinary collaboration and learning experience at a high level.

1. Smart HealthTech Introduction Area

This area has a Content Management System (CMS), reception and LED videowall.

The content includes an introduction to Health and Life Sciences Discipline, as well as interactive information display and collaborative projects related to Health and Life Sciences.

2. CAVE for Rehabilitation Services

This area has an Immersive VR CAVE Rehabilitation Service Project for guests to experience. This project aims to merge the physical and virtual worlds and simulate real-world scenarios for students to conduct various healthcare and rehabilitation training such as physical exercise, cognitive and Activities of Daily Living (ADL) training, etc.

3. HealthTech Projects Exhibition

This area displays a number of projects related to Health Technology, the projects are:

"Hand Hygiene Enhancer"
Developed by Health and Life Sciences research and development for hand hygiene teaching.

Developed by Engineering disciplines collaborate with Health and Life Sciences disciplines to develop visual aids for the visually impaired.

"VR for Pain Management"
Developed by HKDI collaborates with Health and Life Sciences disciplines to develop a VR tool for pain management.

"EZ Anti Fall"
Developed by the Information Technology discipline to evaluate the practical issues associated with patients' condition, home environment, and finding nearby community facilities.

4. 3D Printing Competition – Health Innovation 2022 (Winners Showcase)

This area displays the winner projects in the 3D Printing Competition which were created by groups of Higher Diploma Students from multi disciplines.

This competition is themed with “Improving Daily Living for the Disabled”. Through the integration of interdisciplinary professions and application of new technologies, the competition cultivates students’ observation skills and creative thinking to design comprehensive solutions to improve the quality of life.

Smart Sports and Fitness

1. Smart Hospitality Express (SHE)

The SHE is a mobile classroom equipped with smart sports and hospitality devices. It was designed to support the Workplace Learning and Assessment activities of a few smart programmes in the Hospitality Department. The Express showcases students' learning outcomes to the target audience and promote smart experience from VTC to the community.

2. Exhibition Booth to showcase awarded projects and multi-disciplinary projects

- Smart FIT Station 2.0 (Hong Kong Housing Society (HKHS) Gerontech Competition 2021-Gold Prize, Best Creativity Award & Most Popular Award; the Innovation Awards in the City I&T Grand Challenge (University/ Tertiary Institute); and the Grand Award in Create Smart District Competition 2022)

- Smart Fencing Station, Skill Passport with 7 exercises, Smart Bathtub (Innovation Award and Seed Fund 2021/22 by Dorsett Hospitality International)

3. Smart Hospitality Experience Counters

The activities consist of different smart technologies to display students' learning outcomes, and some of them are multidisciplinary projects. Participants will enjoy smart sports and fitness activities with fun.

The activities include:
- Digital Health & Sports Test
- VR Tourism & Sports Game
- Smart Sports Digital Game
- Power Station



We offer hands-on workshops for participants to try out a variety of practical skills in the culinary and catering industry. These skills include:
*Chocolate skills
*Artistic food decorating skills
*Flour sculpting techniques
*Towel folding techniques
*Beverage knowledge

1. Chocolate Lollipops

Our professional pastry instructor will demonstrate various styles of chocolate lollipops and guide you to prepare your own by applying the fundamental knowledge and skills in chocolate.

2. Cookie Decoration

Create exquisite butter cookies with festive vibes by applying the right consistency of royal icing, compelling shapes and fine lines. This activity is a great experience for beginners who are interested in baking and pastry arts.

3. Flour Dough Sculpting

Learn the ancient craft of flour art and showcase your creativity by making colourful look alike fruit and vegetable sculptures.

4. Dumpling Folding Art

Join us for the challenge of making the perfect shrimp dumplings with 13 delicate folds.

5. Augmented Reality Towel Folding

Use towels to fold special characters and animals by following an Augmented Reality (AR) Training App.

6. Brew it Home

DIY coffee brewing with a selection of coffee beans, brewing accessories and methods under the guidance of a Barista.

Smart Ageing

Population ageing is a global phenomenon. On the one hand, it brings unprecedented challenges to society, but it also provides a golden opportunity to transform the definition of ageing and to utilise the consequent resources as a way to contribute to the community.

“Smart ageing” is a pioneering concept to address both challenges and opportunities of ageing. It covers such domains as “Healthcare”, “Civic Engagement”, “Social Participation”, and “Technology Use & Application”. The CECS Thematic Booth showcases a series of student projects which strive to fulfil smart ageing by sharing with practitioners and the public the creative solutions for the ageing industry to grasp the opportunities to promote smart ageing in Hong Kong society.

1. SMART Aging - Smart Bus Stop

"Smart Bus Stop" is a bus stop installed with an electronic system to allow the passengers to alert the bus driver to stop at the bus stop. It aims to reduce the chance of the bus driver skipping the bus stop. The new system can facilitate the needy to use the bus stop services. It can help motivate them to engage more in community activities by using public bus transport service and also build up an inclusive community.

2. SMART Aging - Homie

The solution proposed by ‘Homie’ is to integrate the product into users’ daily life, i.e. insole. The product will use GPS in association with a relevant App and identity card holder/insole with a tracking function. The patients can thus go out on their own, and caregivers can rest assured of the patients going out alone.

3. SMART Aging - 3D Drug Icon

Students identified the problems encountered by the visually impaired elders when taking medicines. They found that elders’ autonomy in taking medicines was reduced due to decreased visual ability. Students designed tactile drug icons in order to increase the independency of self-medication.

4. SMART Aging - Personal Trainer System for Elders with Dementia (PTSED)

PTSED promotes the innovative use of technology in reminiscence work to aid caregivers in designing personalised training for people with dementia (PwD). It is a readily-available hardware customised to suit the personal experiences and preferences of PwD and their caregivers. From the perspectives of older adults and their caregivers, this readily-available technology, which is practical to caregivers and acceptable to PwD, promotes the engagement of PwD in physical and cognitively stimulating activities to enhance the everyday lives of PwD. It improves their health and well-being and supports caregivers’ participation in care solutions.

Engineering Defines Smart Living

Welcome to VTC INNOHouse.

Embrace technology and be inspired by IVE Engineering students’ creativity. You are about to enter a new era of smart home, where you can get a glimpse of innovation in engineering design.

Modern technology has revolutionised our daily lives. At INNOHouse, you can experience how technology enhance quality of life with a series of showcased inventions by IVE Engineering students. Forward-thinking systems designed to improve at-home safety, facilitate smart electricity consumption and prevent spread of diseases, etc. These human-centered inventive solutions will pave the way for building a caring and sustainable society in the future.

1. i+Home

In order to minimise the risk of domestic accidents to the elderly with dementia, the “i+Home” system, an Internet-of-Things platform equipped with multiple sensors and household appliances have been developed with multiple safety features to monitor fire hazard, flood, door status to keep the elderly safe at home.

2. U-Trap Refill Automator

Adequate amount of water inside U-traps create a water seal to stop bacteria and viruses from entering living areas from drainage system. U-trap Refill Automator equipped with an ultrasonic sensor can be used to detect the water level in U-traps or to set a timer to refill water when the water level is too low.

3. Smart Battery Light

Battery Type Emergency lighting is one of the most important safety measures in a building, especially during an evacuation in the case of a fire hazard, when electrical power might be shut off completely.

An innovative LoRa controller is designed and inserted into the lighting to perform a series of tests to ensure the battery in good condition. The battery status and technical parameters can be viewed on the dashboard of the IoT cloud platform, enabling immediate real-time monitoring of the condition of emergency lighting systems.

4. iCorridor

The system consists of 3 parts: Entrance, Corridor and Central Server.
- Targeted to guarantee all the people inside the facility keep wearing mask at anytime.
- AI machine learning will be used for recognising people whether already wear face mask or not, to determine the desire actions.
- Automated robots will clean and spray disinfectant to walls, handrails and other frequently touched items periodically.
- Suitable for crowded place, for example shopping malls, schools or offices


Digitalized Learning Experience - Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology is gradually becoming an important tool in promoting the design and construction of new buildings in Hong Kong and the world. BIM can present the simulation and visual construction process of different stages of the project, providing an effective communication platform in the collaboration of different partners in engineering projects. Also to exchange opinions with companies and professionals around the world, in order to provide effective support for the rapid development of smart cities.

In recognition of the need to maintain and enhance the long term competitiveness of Hong Kong Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry, Vocational Training Council (VTC) has established the Building Information Modelling Innovation Hub (BIMiHub) aiming to foster professional education and training in BIM and to stimulate innovative solutions and research on practical BIM applications.

In addition, VTC actively promotes BIM education. In the Hong Kong Youth Skills Competition held for the first time in 2022, BIM contributes the main part of the Digital Construction competition. Through basic BIM software training, secondary school student competitors can successfully complete the requirements of the competition and present their design concepts.

Design what “You Think”

Visitors will have opportunity to modify the interior design and landscaping design for the provided BIM model by using the BIM software - Autodesk Revit. From this activity, visitors will be able to gain some hand-on design skills.

Occupation Dictionary

Building on the strength of the Vocational Training Council in conducting manpower surveys for different industries, the Occupation Dictionary (OD) facilitates students as well as adults to make education and career planning decisions. OD categorised major occupations in Hong Kong and Mainland into 12 industry groups and provided the related information, including entry requirements, skills and competencies, duties and work environment, which will facilitate visitors to chart their future.

1. Occupation Exploration Zone

Visitors can use the Career Assessment tool to understand their aptitudes and career orientation. They can look at the skills and competencies required for major jobs in Hong Kong and Mainland, explore the educational opportunities to acquire relevant knowledge and skills and plan for their future.

2. Occupation Experience Zone

Visitors can uncover their talent through the onsite Occupation Games. They can take a hands-on approach and discover the techniques and tools required in selected occupations such as Pastry Chef, Loss Adjuster and Laboratory Technician.

Cultivating Talents with China and International Perspectives

Various interactive displays showcase VTC’s support to students participating in exchange and study activities in the Mainland and overseas countries under the theme of cultivating talents with Mainland and international perspectives. Fun game and prize quiz are waiting for you!

Shine with Talents

1. To showcase handcraft products produced by students and demonstrate students’ abilities; and
2. To showcase the use of Assistive Technology to design and produce technical aids for individual to facilitate students with disabilities in their study and work.

The Shine Skills Centre provides a wide range of skills training programmes covering business, information technology and service for people with disabilities aged 15 or above. Most of the programmes are offered at operative and semi-skilled worker levels to equip students with disabilities with skills commensurate with their abilities, assist them in adapting to the work environment, keep up their work motivation and sustain their continuous employment in the open market.

In addition to training services, vocational professional assessment service is provided by Shine Vocational Assessment Centre to help people with disabilities to identify their training needs

1. Mini Handicraft Workshop

Mini workshop led by students and instructors to produce handcraft products such as Pastel Nagomi Arts (和諧粉彩) and Quilling Flowers (捲紙花) as souvenirs.

2. Assistive Technology

Demonstration of assistive technology products to help students in learning and working environment.


Youth College Taster Programme on ‘Hair Dressing’ & 'Nail Arts’

The Youth College offers a diversified professional curriculum and the interactive learning mode for students at secondary three to six levels. Via the sufficient training and project-based learning approach, students could master the technology of future skills as well as the knowledge in a practical way and this laid a solid foundation for further studies and career development.

The Taster Programme enables participants to learn more about the basic concept and skills of Hair Dressing and Nail Arts, it also helps to promote students' interest in different learning areas to help them establish future development goals.

Festive Nails

Through the Taster Programme of Nail Arts, participants can better understand the technique and basic concept of nail art including free hand drawing, nail painting and the matching of different nail decors. It embarks on a professional path based on their interests.

Hair Painting

The Taster Programme of Hair Painting allows participants to try hands-on experience in designing their own DIY hair extension by hair painting and fixing the clip-on hair extension piece on the preset mannequin. Participants could have a better understanding of the area of Hair Dressing via the Taster Programme.